Diana Layne


Trust No One , Single Title Romantic Suspense

Golden Heart® finals, 2009 RWA
OKRWA Finally A Bride 1st place, 2011

THE GOOD DAUGHTER 2012 RT Book Reviews Reviewer's Choice Nominee

Eye of the Beholder, Single Title Romantic Suspense

1st place, Southern Heat, RWA-ETC

2nd place, PASIC’s Book of Your Heart

2nd place, Great Expectations, North Texas RWA

2nd place, Spring Into Romance, San Diego RWA

3rd place, Four Seasons, Windy City RWA

3rd place, Jasmine, Lowcountry RWA

Crossroads, historical romantic suspense:

3rd place, Heart of the Rockies, Colorado RWA

Honorable mention, Southern Heat, East Texas RWA

The Return of Garrett McCloud (contemporary)

1st runner up, Romantic Times Follow the Writer, 2001

2nd place, Heart of the Rockies, Colorado RWA

2nd place, Suzannah Nelson Davis Novel Beginnings, NOLA

3rd place, Couer de Louisiane synopsis contest
3rd place, Finally A Bride, OKRWA (written as Home To Texas)

4th place, From the Heart, Heartland of GA

Honorable mention, Southern Heat, East Texas Chapter RWA

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