Diana Layne
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Most good daughters would say they owe their fathers everything.  Marisa Peruzzo, mafia princess, would. 

She owed him for killing her fiancé.

She owed him for destroying her mother. 

She owed him for chaining her to the ‘family business’.

And she owed him for taking away her lifelong friend.

Payback's a bitch.


Dave sat up straighter when she entered the bar. Sandro had promised the contact would have useful information and be immediately recognizable, but he never specified male or female. Was this his informant? Carlo Peruzzo's daughter. The Mafia princess herself.

Her gaze scanned the room until she saw him. Though her lips were pressed in a straight line, a sparkle flashed in her eyes as if she knew just how she had shocked him.Dave realized his heart rate had kicked up a few notches when their eyes had locked. His jaw would have dropped if he hadn't been the kind of guy trained not to show his emotions.

She walked purposefully toward him, making her way through the crowded tables. Black designer jeans hugged nice curvy hips, and her full breasts were covered with a pink plaid, pearl-button western shirt. Interesting color choice. A leather belt wrapped around her waist, and his focus narrowed. Best he could tell the belt was pink, too. And there were some kind of pink jewels inlaid in the buckle.

He hid a smile. The only thing that would complete the color coordination was if she had on-he looked down, yep, pink cowboy boots. Pretty-in-pink cowgirl-Mafia princess. That certainly wasn't an image he expected to see. With her head high, and her gaze fixed on him she seemed unaware-or unaffected-by the attention she garnered. And she certainly got a fair share of stares. He saw more than one man pause with a drink halfway to his mouth, head swiveling to keep track as she walked past.

Dave had never seen the high-and-mighty Mafia daughter in anything other than expensive business suits, with her hair pulled back and her makeup understated, but tonight she wore this chic knock-off cowgirl look well. With her dark wavy hair swinging free around her shoulders, her smooth olive skin glowing, and lips a luscious color of pink to match as well, she could raise the lust level in a saint.

Dave was no saint.


4 1/2 Stars TOP PICK! RT Book Reviews:

Calling this book “old-school Jackie Collins with a Gotti twist and enough heat to melt Alaska” still doesn’t begin to describe how explosive it is. This is a turn-off-all-electronic-devices, one-sit read, with impressive characters, a transfixing plot and enough breathtaking action to knock your socks off! Layne has star power in spades.

~Diane Morasco, RT Book Reviews May 2012

There are two love stories in this book -- the budding one between Dave and Marisa, and the established relationship between Nia and Sandro. Both romantic story lines are well developed and engaging. But what really caught my attention in this book was the masterful depiction of the two female characters, Marisa and Nia. Both are strong, smart, and sympathetic, using their wits and whatever skills they have to survive in dangerous circumstances.

Vanessa Kelly,  Love Rocks Blog

The Good Daughter, Diana Layne delivers all the elements of a classic romantic suspense--fast pace, a layered and twisty plot, memorable characters and the perfect balance of sensuality. An exceptionally well-executed element of Mafia culture combined with a high level of danger make the book fresh and impossible to put down."

New York Times bestselling author of Breaking Silence
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Trust No One
A Trip To The Dark Side

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Nominated for the RWA® Golden Heart® Award

When reality is a web of lies and the truth endangers all you hold dear . . .
you Trust No One.


Drafted into the nebulous underworld of a secret agent right out of college, MJ Thornberg survived betrayal and attempted murder at the hands of her trusted partner.  Instead of returning to the deadly realm of espionage, she chose to retire to a small Texas town and work as a mechanic while raising her soon-to-be-adopted baby daughter.

Ben Walker is a man with his own secrets.  An agent with MJ's former employer, Vista Security, Ben is clawing his way out of a downward spiral from a job gone wrong when Vista sends him after MJ, with orders to use the threat of halting her baby's adoption to ensure her cooperation.

Furious and trusting no one, MJ intends on working the job solo until a sniper's bullet alters her plans.  With no choice but to work with Ben, MJ must confront ghosts from her past, discover truths of her present, and trust that the future she deserves is in her hands to create.


Review by Joan Reeves aka Slingwords:

Trust No One represents the genre which I've been reading lately. Officially, that genre is called Romantic Suspense. Unofficially, I call it Badass Women, and this book is a perfect example. I've got several more of this type of book on my Kindle so I think the genre is growing in popularity.

Maybe because of the rise of ebooks -- and maybe because of the increasing number of women who are pissed off at their jobs, their bosses, their significant others, their kids, the economy, and maybe just the world in general.

Some vicarious butt-kicking from the heroine of the villains-- usually men who have "done 'em wrong" -- may just help women readers keep their sanity. (Of course, I'm a chick who liked The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Geena Davis, a prime example of the Badass Women genre.)

Blurb It

Spy MJ Thornberg survives betrayal of the worst kind as well as a murder attempt and rediscovers her humanity in the form of a baby she adopts. Like many survivors before her, she's "gone to Texas" to discover a better life.

If a small Texas town full of caring, but nosy, citizens, a cute baby, and a job you love won't cure what ails you, then I don't know what will. (Apparently, the author, fellow Texan Diana Layne, and I share that philosophy.)

Small town tranquility is shattered when Ben, another spy with just as much baggage as MJ, shows up to bring her in for one more job. Ben is the ideal man -- gorgeous, sexy, smart, understanding, kind, and honest. (If I wasn't married to a man like that, I'd think Ben was a myth, but men like that really do exist.)

If you like women who can take a beating like the defunct 24's Jack Bauer and Die Hard's John McClain; classic fast cars described in loving detail; guns where almost all the details are right; rising suspense, and a truckload of sexual tension, then this book is for you. Hang onto your Stetson and settle in for a fun read!
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